Igoumenitsa - Ioannina - Zagoria (Nationalpark) - Meteora Klöster - Lefkas - Gliki - Parga

Make a tour for some days or you will visit these villages seperate with your own car or a rental car.



North and south of Parga you find numerous beaches, some small, natural and private, some bigger ones with sun beds and umbrellas, bars, taverns and cafés, but every single one so beautiful, so different from the other and so unique.
Tip: Try something new - every day a different beach!

(25 km north of Parga)

Small beautiful village with marina for sailing boats and yachts, the harbor front invites to remain a while and have a coffee, ice cream or cool drink. Explore the area and find lots of different beaches and untouched nature.

(18 km north of Parga)

Little typical village situated high above the sea with beautiful view of the landscape and the Ionian Sea. In the middle of the village you can have a seat in one of the bars or restaurants and enjoy the gorgeous sunset.
Beaches close by are the sandy Arilla Beach and the Karavostasi Beach.

(35 km north west of Parga)

The picturesque alleys, former manor-houses, the middle aged castle and the byzantine church in the capital of the Souli area are definitely worth a visit. Every Saturday there is a traditional market in town and in the beginning of October a huge bazaar which is the biggest event in the area and lasts for a whole week.

(25 km south of Parga)

A small quiet traditional fishing village, which is situated on the mouth of the river Acheron, the River Stix, mentioned in the Greek Mythology as the river leading down to the under world, the Hades. Village taverns invite to relax and have some fresh fish, caught by the fishermen early in the mornings. The beach is fine sandy, ideal for children and to build sand castles.


The oracle of the death! This is where the ancient thought to be the gates to the Underworld, the entrance to the kingdom of Hades. Visitors from all over the world, as known at the time, were streaming to this oracle to communicate with the souls of their beloved after they died.


(65 km south of Parga)

Visit also the capital of the district with its nice little alleys, the venetian tower clock as well as the harbor promenade with its traditional taverns, modern cafés and shops.

(8 km north of Preveza)

The antic "Nikopolis" (= town of victory) was build from the roman emperor Octavian Augustus to remind his victory over Anthony and Cleopatra in the sea battle of Aktium (31 bc). The town used to have impressive buildings, theatre, Odeon, bathing resort, station, gymnasium, the town wall. A little museum displays findings of this area

(50 km south of Parga)

Ancient Kassope, was built before the middle of 4th century bc on a naturally defended site, on a plateau 600 m above sea level, on the southern slopes of Mount Zalongos. It was a typical small city that flourished during the 3rd and the early 2nd century bc and is one of the best remained antic towns in Greece with beautiful view of the Ionian Sea.

(70 km south of Parga)

The Amvrakikos Gulf is the biggest "mosaic of wetland systems" in the whole of Greece and consists of lagoons, reed beds, forest and salt marshes. It's protected by the Ramsar international treaty.

(100 km southwest from Parga)

Interesting sightseeings are the monasteries, the Byzantian Churches, f. e. PariSoritissa, Agia Theodora, Agios Vassilios with beautiful icons, the castle and the famous bridge.

(95 km south of Parga)

Beautiful island in the Ionian Sea, to get there you don't need to take a boat, instead you can reach it by car or bike through a narrow channel and a bridge! Lefkas is a mountainous island, with green vegetation. Its eastern coast gently sloped down to the sea, in contrast the western coast which is steep and with endless golden beaches like the Port Katziki Beach which is one of the most beautiful in Greece.

(58 km east of Ioannina)

A picturesque mountain village 1116 m above sea level with impressive architecture and stunning view to the peaks of the Pindos mountains, Metsovo is a famous ski area and know for its cheese specialities and wood cravings.

(58 km east of Ioannina)

The world famous "floating monasteries" of Meteora, built on bizarre rock formations, how? This is subject of fascination for pilgrims and visitors alike.


(170 km north of Parga)

The 46 picturesque villages of Zagoria are situated in the National Park of Vikos-Aoos with its beautiful, untouched nature. Stone built houses, cobbled paths and roads, high mountains and deep valleys create a unique atmosphere you have to experience.

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